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Monte San Biagio is a small Italian commune located in Lazio. Previously, it was called Monticelli, and it was the first settlement where travelers from Rome came to Naples. The town of Monte San Biagio itself is really small (66 km²), and no more than 6,000 people live on its territory.

Monte San Biagio attracts tourists with picturesque views and the atmosphere of a cozy Italian province. As soon as you arrive at the railway station of the same name, you immediately see the panorama of the city on the hill. In addition, from the town you can admire the Ausonian mountains, on the reliefs of which grow dense groves of beech and oak, the Tyrrhenian Sea and Lake Fondi.

The town itself, and especially its historical center, is no less attractive. Walking along the streets, you seem to find yourself in the Middle Ages, which is facilitated by the architecture of Monte San Biagio: various towers, gates, galleries and ancient churches abound. Most often, the church of St. John the Baptist. Inside are the relics of St. Innocent, the patron saint of the city, as well as a bust of St. Blaise (San Biagio), after whom Monte San Biagio was named. The most unique exhibit of this church is the bowl of its baptistery – this is the oldest vessel that has survived from the era of Ancient Rome.

Monte San Biagio and Terracina are separated by 11 kilometers and 20 minutes on the road. Getting to Terracina is most convenient in two ways: by bus and by taxi. But when choosing a bus, many tourists face a number of problems. These include the most significant ones: the lack of tickets for the desired flight and the overcrowding of the cabin at rush hour. Agree that we always want our trips to somewhere to be not only fast, but also comfortable? That is why our company offers you its transfer service from Monte San Biagio to Terracina. With us you don’t have to worry about buying tickets, hurry up and drive in a crowded cabin. We have executive cars with professional chauffeurs who know the surroundings of the city very well. We guarantee maximum safety and comfort of your trip. You can clarify its details and cost by calling +39-329-725-6761 or by email

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