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Sperlonga is a very beautiful fishing town about 20 km from Terracina and 115 km from Rome. Its distinctive and recognizable feature is the white-stone houses that remind of Hellenistic Greece. But most of all tourists are attracted not by architecture, but by the sea. It is truly charming, magical and attractive here due to the incredibly rich blue hue.

Sperlonga got its name due to the abundance of caves on its territory. One of them is the hallmark of the city: it is the “Grotto of Tiberius”. According to historical references, Tiberius, being the emperor of that time, ordered to equip a summer residence for himself in order to hide from the scorching heat. There are no ancient sculptures in the grotto itself, but you can visit the nearby archaeological museum, which houses a sculptural group dedicated to the episode with the blinding of Cyclops Polyphemus from the Odyssey. What is surprising and remarkable, it was recreated by scientists only from the wreckage. The cave itself is no less fascinating, you can walk in it for a very long time. But in any case, not a single story about it and not a single photograph will convey the range of impressions that you can get only by being there in person.

Speaking of Sperlonga, we cannot fail to mention the most important thing – the beaches. Among them there are paid and free ones, and they are all open to the public, usually from 8:30 to 19:30. Whichever one you choose, all the beaches are maintained in perfect condition: on the coast – the purest golden sand, clear azure water and a comfortable descent into the sea. The most popular beaches among tourists are Della Fontana, La Canzatora, Delle Salette, Bazzano, Dell’Angolo and Delle Bambole.

Tourists usually come to Sperlonga either by train or by car. But if you choose the first option, then remember that you will need to make one transfer to a bus or a passing taxi. Agree, this is not very convenient, given your luggage and quite a long journey time (about 2 hours). Therefore, we highly recommend that you book a transfer from Rome to Sperlonga in our company. In the car you can rest, relax, enjoy the beautiful views from the window and not be afraid that you will miss the right stop. Our professional drivers will get you to Sperlonga quickly and on time, so you can enjoy your holiday right away.

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